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Safety Management Files

Supply of all sector HS files. From SMME’S office files to Construction and Mining OHS & HS Files.

legal compliance certificate

Legal Compliance Certificate

Legal compliance audit and inspection.

incident investigations

Incident Investigations

Book an incident investigation — expert analysis is the key to preventing recurrences.



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Book a medical examination for your company.

evacuation plans and procedures

Evacuation Plans And Procedures

Require an evacuation plan for your business? We can help!

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OHS Courses

View our variety of occupational health and safety courses and keep you and your employees safe!

compliance posters

Compliance Posters

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compliance posters

Awareness Posters

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ohs courses

FIRST-AID Kits And Contents

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safety and other signage

Safety And Other Signage

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PPE & Clothing Supplies

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Our Vision

To increase health and safety awareness among workers and employers and further reduce the high levels of corporate accidents in Southern Africa. By developing, implementing and maintaining positive and effective systems for Safety, Health and Environment that are consistent with legislative standards.

Our Mission

We aspire to set the standard in the Health and Safety Industry. As leaders in our profession, we strive to deliver honest and reliable services in selected target markets based on ethical principles and to provide a hands-on, professional, value added consulting service to customers which would result in a long-term partnership with companies.

Our Values

We promise to:

  • Operate professionally.
  • Maintain ethical standards.
  • Be honest and maintain quality client service.
OHS All 4 Skills Safety Creed:
  • To pledge our knowledge and skills to promote safety culture.
  • To collaborate with all safety bodies in order to build a safety compliant network amongst employers and employees.
  • To maintain the safety and wellbeing of the community we serve.
  • To uphold the highest degree of professional conduct and integrity.

about us

The collaborative, fresh and determined approach from OHS ALL 4 SKILLS Safety Solutions enables businesses across South Africa to receive a valuable, strategic insight and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex problems concerning legal compliance, mandatory Health and Safety training and the supply of services and consumables for the hospitality, leisure, construction, mining, education and other industries.
We provide businesses access to the best Health & Safety training, advice, information and supplies, and are the one-stop-shop for any business looking to stay safe and profitable.
Health & Safety can often be seen as a minefield of red tape and endless paperwork but with the right advice and approach, compliance and legal obligations can be met without any undue fuss or stress.
Our Consultants have years of knowledge and proven practical experience in all aspects of Health and Safety within Industry and Commerce supported by professional qualifications and commitment to legal compliance.

Customer service with personalized attention to detail.

We aim to uphold a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation and the feedback from customers & course delegates is always hugely positive.
Our approach is centered around personalized attention to detail. OHS ALL 4 SKILLS Safety Solutions makes the customer service element its number one priority.
We also understand that businesses need to stay operational, so by engaging us to take good care of your safety requirements, you can be assured that your time demands will be reduced wherever possible, freeing you up to get on with your job.
Our aim is to provide businesses with access to the best training, information and supplies and to be the one-stop shop for any business looking to stay safe & stay profitable.

Meet the Team

Madelyne Lansdell

Madelyne Lansdell

CEO - Health and Safety Practitioner

Madelyne is an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist with 10 years’ combined experience. Though she covers various fields she specializes in consulting, advising and training in Occupational Health and Safety principles to the mining, quarry, manufacturing and construction industries. She is also one of the chief executive officers and mainly responsible for our Marketing Management.

Trudie Bieldt

Trudie Bieldt

CEO - Health and Safety Practitioner

Trudie is the Chief executive Officer and Health and Safety Consultant (12 years’ experience) and has worked in various industries in South Africa, construction, rigging applications, plant operations, quarrying operations. Experience in health and safety training package development and providing training for workers and clients. Qualified in NEBOSH Certificate in 2013 for Management of international health and safety, control of international workplace hazards, international health and safety practical application.




Andre has 15 years training experience and has worked in various industries in South Africa, scope of work performed, business management, operations, supervision, training, construction, plant installation, commissioning, maintenance, mining and quarrying operations. Extensive experience in high risk industries, management, production and processing, steel industries; metalliferous mining, gold, nickel, iron ore, oil and gas facilities, electrical transmission, distribution (lines and sub-stations). Extensive experience development and implementation of quality systems, and training programs, delivery and facilitation of training packages.



Health and Safety Consultant

Meagyn is currently in training to be one of our Health and Safety Consultants, she is the newest member of the OHS All 4 Skills Team. Meagyn is responsible to assist with processing assessments and general office administration.

Our OHS Courses

Our occupational health and safety short courses will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to keep yourself and your employees safe.


  • HIRA


I have received knowledge and experience on how to preserve lives, avoid accidents and learned about regulations in the work environment. The training was simplified, practical and informative.

Antoinette Mokgosi


Training was well explained and very exciting and very informative. I will be able to use information in our daily activities, and good to know that I could at anytime save a life and that I am equip to assist medically if someone needs my help.

Caldene Moorcroft


I feel educated ,from someone that didn’t know anything ,to a First Aider…Impressive!

Joanie Mokang


Very Interesting, this training can be used in our daily lives.

Teboxo Moipolai


I finally got to learn how to put out a fire and know I have the knowledge and know how to cope should there be an emergency, I loved every moment of the training

Refilwe Mokgosi


The course taught me to be more aware of hazards in the workplace, and I will definitely know how to control or put out a fire. The training was perfect and clear in presentation.

Wayne Coleman


We are blessed to have received training of this standard, this definitely helps people who know nothing about health and safety to build up knowledge and implement it in the workplace.

Moagi Willius


I will be able to implement what I have learnt into my workshops. I am impressed and got allot that I can implement from the training, also including OHS Acts and Regulations, and to keep records on all training.

Caldene Moorcroft


I never before used safety fall protection, I realise now that this is so important and the dangers around working at heights. Never before I even thought that this can cost a life.

Bassy Nchube


Training was very well structured, I will use all safety regulations when erecting scaffolding and perform all relevant inspections of working at heights beforehand.

Shereen Mekgwe


Training was exciting and we’ll work safe when working at heights at all times and I got a lot from sections in the OHSACT that deals with Fall Arrest.

Mereotlhe Mereotlhe
Dokgoro Trading


I learnt a lot from using Safety Harness and the associated risks of working at heights. I learnt how to identify and control measures of scaffolding. Very impressed and found all aspects helpful.

Thabo Molusi